Nieuwe kennis hart en brein


There is a lot of new information about the human body and here we present some interesting, provocative and holistic news about our heart, circulation and our brain

The anatomy of the heart explained with bare hands.

Dr Tom Cowan explains why the heart is not a pump and how the circulation functions. An interview by the Urban Monk.

Professor Gerald Pollack explains the 4th phase of water and how it functions in our circulation in several short films.

The form and function of our heart was already described by Dr Steiner and Frank Chester proved that he was right.

In 2012 scientists discovered that our brain has a lymphatic system and called it the glymphatic system. It comes into action while we sleep or meditate in order to clean out waste. We now want to know how to stimulate the system therapeutically. Is it in stillpoint?

And also Wikipedia gives an explanation of the glymphatic system

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